The Global TestNet secretariat is currently based at Plymouth Marine Laboratory.  The secretariat will be rotated sequentially among the three continents, with the usual term of office being one year.

The secretariat performs administrative and organizational duties including ensuring the flow of information both within and external to the network.  For further details on Global TestNet please contact:

Tim Fileman
Global TestNet Secretariat
Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Prospect Place
Plymouth PL1 3DH

Tel: +44(0)1752 633100

Current Steering Committee and Secretariat

  1. ​Guillaume Drillet (Asia, Chair)
  2. Youngsoo Kim (Asia)
  3. Allegra Cangelosi (North America)
  4. Tim Fileman (Secretariat)

Previous Steering Committee and Secretariat

2015-2016 Steering Committee:
  1. ​Guillaume Drillet (Asia, Chair)
  2. Gitte Petersen (Europe)
  3. Mario Tamburri (North America)
  4. Tim Fileman (Secretariat)
2014-2015 Steering Committee:
  1. Allegra Cangelosi (North America, Chair)
  2. Yasuwo Fukuyo (Asia)
  3. Stephen Gollasch (Europe)
  4. Tim Fileman (Secretariat)
2013-2014 Steering Committee:
  1. Etienne Brûtel de la Rivière (Europe, Chair)
  2. Martin Andersen (Asia)
  3. Bill Davidson (North America)
  4. KIOST (Secretariat)
2012-2013 Steering Committee:
  1. Kyoung Soon Shin (Asia, Chair)
  2. Klaas Kaag (Europe)
  3. Allegra Cangelosi (North America)
  4. GloBallast PCU (Secretariat)
2011-2012 Steering Committee:
  1. Mario Tamburri ( North America, Chair)
  2. Kyoung Soon Shin (Asia)
  3. Jan Boon NIOZ (Europe)
  4. GloBallast PCU (Secretariat)
2010-2011 Steering Committee:
  1. Sjur Tveite ( Europe, Chair)
  2. Kyoungsoon Shin (Asia)
  3. Ross Kanzleiter (North America)
  4. GloBallast PCU (Secretariat)