"To promote comparable and accurate test results on the performance evaluation of technologies and methodologies to control the risk of bio-invasion and harmful species introductions by shipping, through an open exchange of information, transparency in methodologies and advancing the science of testing."

The Global TestNet was initially developed to address the need for standardization and comparability in the testing of ballast water management systems (BWMS).

The first meeting of testing organisations took place in Malmo (Sweden) in 2010 under the umbrella of GloBallast Partnership, and test facilities agreed to enter a Memorandum of Understanding in 2013 during an annual meeting in Busan (Korea). In 2016, the members voted for additional by-laws (e.g. on voting) and voted on September 8 2017 in favour of expanding the network beyond BWMS testing, and into biofouling in order to further support the shipping industry and its numerous stakeholders in managing the risk of bio-invasions and harmful species introductions into aquatic environments.

The members of Global TestNet have agreed to:

  • discuss and share methodologies, analytical procedures and protocols used to support certification testing, and provide insight and lessons learned, to help improve the overall quality and efficiency of management technology testing through:
    • participation in quarterly correspondence via website, email list, conference calls etc.
    • participation in annual meetings (member representatives do not need to attend in person)
  • build awareness of, and coordinate where appropriate with, other members’ testing activities
  • work together toward consensus on standardization, to the extent possible, of test and analytical methods and approaches, to increase the comparability and accuracy of results among tests
  • when possible, participate in cross-training and inter-calibration among the members to increase comparability and consistency within Global TestNet
  • when appropriate, assist in vetting or validation of new testing and analytical methods
  • encourage diverse inputs from scientific experts, including those outside the ballast water testing community


Thank you for Supporting the Sustainable Ocean Summit 2019

The World Ocean Council would like to express their gratitude for Global TestNet's support of the SOS 2019 as an Event Endorser.

Dowload the 10th Global TestNet annual meeting report (pdf, 500KB)

Dr. Marcel J.W Veldhuis
Marcel Veldhuis

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Marcel Veldhuis.
Marcel was a founding member and great contributor to Global TestNet.
We will miss him.

Global TestNet Position Statement on BWMS Commissioning

2018 International BWT Forum

2018 International BWT ForumGlobal TestNet supported the 2018 International Ballast Water Technology Forum & Exhibition in Shanghai on 20th Sept 2018. Our Chair, Dr Guillaume Drillet, gave a presentation on Global TestNet at the meeting.

Sustainable Ocean Summit

Sustainable Ocean Summit banner

Global TestNet’s Chair Dr Guillaume Drillet will be presenting an introduction to Global TestNet and announcing that membership is open for biofouling people too at the World Ocean Council event in Hong Kong.

Global TestNet publishes position paper on ballast water type approval size classes for challenge waters

** Global TestNet Statement  **

This statement is in response to stakeholders’ potential concerns raised as a result of recent closure of two test facility members of the Global TestNet.

New 'Discussions' page is now live

Downloadable documents are available

9th Global TestNet meeting

1st & 2nd February 2018
The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology, London
Click here to download the meeting minutes

The GloBallast Story: Reflections from a Global Family

The final GloBallast publication features an interview with Tim Fileman talking about the impact of Global TestNet. 

Publications now available

Publications and reports from Global TestNet members are now available to view.